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What can you find in the Flutter-WebRTC community?#

Flutter-WebRTC community is an open source project derived from the dart/flutter framework. We packaged the WebRTC library into a flutter plugin to create modern WebRTC/VoIP applications that can cross all platforms.

We have developed the dart-lang version of the SIP protocol stack, so you can develop cross-platform VOIP applications in easy way.

All projects use MIT license agreement, You can use it freely in the project. If you make a profit from this project, please sponsor this project.

Projects under maintenance#

About this Docs#

This document site will cover all projects under the Flutter-WebRTC community.

How to contribute to this projects#

  • Create an issue with related PR.
  • Help others when you can solve a issue.
  • Translate documents to other languages.
  • Provide financial sponsorship.